Mismanaged Flights

I leave for Madagascar in approximately two months. So today, while I was on my break from camp, I decided to check out my flights. To my horror, I realized I had scheduled my in-country Madagascar flights a day early. I checked my e-mails about seven more times until I admitted defeat: I had messed up.

As I started attempting to remedy the situation, I realized I was in a bit of a bind. I’m Canadian, with a Canadian phone, but am currently working at a summer camp in Kentucky, and I needed to call an airline in Madagascar. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that phone bill. I searched for an alternative way of communication for another 15 minutes until I, once again, admitted defeat: I had to call my mom.

Luckily, my mom answered, and agreed to help me out even though she’s in the process of moving 14 hours north of where she currently lives. And, my flights have been worked out.

Moral of the story: you’re family can be extremely helpful, and quadruple-check your flights before booking them.


Africa is Calling, and I Must Go

Just a couple short months ago, Madagascar was nothing more than a movie to me. And now it is a place that I am going to.

Volunteering abroad sounds like an amazing idea. Teaching English in a French country, nothing could be better suited for myself. I took the initiative to research my options on IVHQ, but am still forever grateful that my parents offered to pay.

Even though they’re paying, I have still stepped up and am taking care of vaccines and plane tickets by myself. It is terrifying making these decisions for the first time, but I can do it.

Life is about taking risks and finding yourself along the way. This trip to Madagascar is another step in the amazing journey that has become my life.